Welcome to wonky veg… a blog about good food and how to cook, eat and enjoy it in a more waste-free way. Here you’ll find me travelling and exploring local food, working on farms, cooking with grandmothers and cooking from age-old cookbooks to learn from the people who already do all of this and more. From preserving and foraging to saving leftovers and stretching ingredients to eating seasonally, wonky veg is about learning from our elders – grandmothers, mothers and good home-cooks – to eat well and, ultimately, waste nothing.

That’s the nutshell. Here’s the nut itself.

My name is Malou. I first started blogging over here in 2014, when I realised that we waste a hell of a lot of food. Have you heard that crazy stat that one-third of all food gets thrown away – including all those wonky veg? Well, it’s madness. And really just goes to show how little we value the food we eat.

These days, food in the West is more abundant, affordable and accessible than ever before. We expect food to land in our supermarket aisles whatever the season, with little idea where it came from or the effort it took to get there. And that I suppose is where the problem lies. As our food systems work harder and harder to produce more and more food in ever larger factories, we’ve lost touch with what we eat, how it was produced and how it came to our table. Our food has lost the precious value it once had and we fail to stretch our ingredients to their full potential. In turn, more food gets wasted, factories work harder and so the cycle goes…

So I relaunched wonky veg here. Because the reason we waste food is a whole bigger picture. I realised we need to go back to the beginning, before pre-chopped carrots and ready-made meals got in the way. We need to cook like our grandmothers did when food was more scarce and less convenient, and respect our planet and the pressure we’re putting on it. We need to understand food and where it comes from, so we can value it and, by default, waste less of it. We need to reuse and recycle and cook more thoughtfully because, really, that’s the only way we’ll sustain this lovely world we live on.

I’d love to know what you think too. Comment, write to me, whatever. Your ideas and thoughts are always welcome. Thanks so much for stopping by xx


My name is Malou. Hello! Since June 2016, I’ve been travelling slowly across Europe and the Middle East to learn more about good food and how to grow, cook, eat and enjoy it in a more sustainable way. I’m using workaway and couchsurfing to stay with families, work on farms and help out in kitchens along the way, to learn from incredible people who already do all of those things and more.

Before this very unplanned of plans, I lived in London, and worked as Deputy Editor for Jamie Oliver HQ. It taught me a lot about why food and the choices we make around food are so immensely important to creating a better, healthier planet. After nearly five years, I decided to quit my job, move out of London and find out what it was really all about. So here I am, eating, cooking and writing some more…