Hainanese chicken

Chicken worth its stock

Cooking a whole bird in a pot of water will supply you with a whole week’s worth of meals. It’s one of the most affordable ways of eating quality, well-reared meat, and a method that although sounds weird, pops up in traditional peasant cooking everywhere, from France to China. My mum tells me that this

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chickpeas in broth

A broth worth keeping

Soaking and cooking beans from their dried form can make you feel like you’ve achieved something. There’s little effort that goes into it really, but still, I’m pleased with myself whenever I get round to it. I’m trying though, to make it a regular thing, soaking beans whenever I think of it, then taking a

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Grains are the answer

In a recent bid to save cash, but mainly to eat something nice for lunch, I’ve taken to bringing food into work. I’ve become quite militant about it actually. Before this genius (pretty obvious) solution materialised, I’d mostly find myself in the nearest Pret or supermarket, buying more packaging than food and finding that neither were

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