Fasting and feasting with Patience Gray

Forgive me for going on about eggs and potatoes, again. A very bare vegetable box, and a strong urge to eat all things comforting and simple are to blame. So eggs and potatoes it is. Fittingly, I’m re-reading a brilliant book by home-cook and writer, Patience Grey, called, Honey from a Weed: Fasting and Feasting in Tuscany, Catalan,

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Comfort in curry

Potato and egg. That bloody genius, comfort combination of soft, earthy starch and runny yolk, which together prove you don’t need money to eat like a king. Potato and egg are the basis of a Spanish tortilla, of course, which I first ate sandwiched between a white baguette in Valencia. A double carb-load that could not

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greens at market

Seasons greens

I bloody love leafy greens. Mainly because they are never in short supply, even in winter. And secondly because they’re impossible to waste; so willing they are to adapt to whatever’s on the stove. Chard, kale and beet tops have pretty much formed the mainstay of my meals over the last few months of winter;

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